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Tankersley, Gary Samuel
March 29, 1941 ~ December 22, 2014
Survivors: Glenda Tankersley, Andy
Tankersley, Tim Tankersley, Sharon Fiola
Interment: Chaffee City Cemetery

Tarvin, Kenny Roger
June 16, 1952 ~ January 11, 2016
Survivors: Linda Tarvin, Russell Tarvin,
Kennis Crocker, Amber Vick,
Amy Cartwright
Interment: Private

Tate, June LaVerne
February 26, 1918 ~ February 17, 2010
Survivors:  Veronica Botkin, Sharon and
Gerald Brawley, Donna Carter, Cheryl
Epperson, Judy and Paul Robbins
Interment:  Cordin-Reynolds Cemetery

Tatom, James Vernon
January 7, 1925 ~ May 22, 2004
Survivors:  Marian Tatom, Sue and Jim
Gash, Linda and Dennis Snell, Criag and
Wanda Tatom, Lisa and Travis Martin
Interment:  Cedar Grove Cemetery

Taylor, Donald Lee
January 24, 1953 ~ July 19, 2016
Survivors: Debbie Taylor, Joseph Taylor,
Lesley Clark
Interment: Carr Cemetery

Taylor, Everett Royal
June 18, 1931 ~ May 5, 2014
Survivors: David Taylor, Dennis Taylor,
Diane Taylor Jennings, Doris Botkin, Alice
Interment: Cedar Grove Cemetery

Teague, Howe Kenneth
November 18, 1913 ~ May 3, 2005
Survivors:  Lucille Teague, Larry and
Margaret Teague, Faron and Carol
Teague, Kathy Inman
Interment:  Stone Hill Cemetery

Teague, Lucille Geneva
April 23, 1921 ~ March 25, 2012
Survivors: Larry and Margaret Teague,
Faron and Carol Teague, Kathy and
Dennis Inman
Interment:  Stone Hill Cemetery

Tebbe, Michael Jerome
September 29, 1931 ~ August 5, 2006
Survivors:  Helen Tebbe, Michael and
Lynn Tebbe, Frances and Marty Hensley
Interment:  St. Ruth Cemetery

Terrill, Raymond Lawrence
July 1, 1980 ~ March 30, 2017
Survivors: Jessica Terrill, Garol and
Teresa Terrill, Augustus Terrill, Woodrow
Terrill, Emma Lewis, Anika Adams, Shyan
Owens, Kaydance Owens
Interment: Cremation

Thoele, Melva Clara
October 15, 1915 ~ January 16, 2007
Survivors:  Oliver and Alma Thoele,
Howard and LaDonna Thoele, Richard
and Glenda Thoele
Interment:  Cedar Grove Cemetery

Thomas, Bonnie Lu (Rose)
October 23, 1951 ~ June 29, 2016
Survivors: Jim Thomas, Jeffrey Thomas
Interment: Cremation

Thomas, Marie Ida (Halbrook)
February 28, 1938 ~ February 13, 2018
Survivors: Eldon Thomas, Lindy Robinson
Interment: Cremation

Thomas, James Carl "Jim"
June 11, 1953 ~ June 8, 2009
Survivors:  Evelyn "Sue" Thomas, Laurie
Thomas, Jimmy Thomas, Billy Thomas,
Leanne Thomas
Interment:  Cedar Grove Cemetery

Thomas, James Noil
April 14, 1929 ~ August 16, 2011
Survivors:  Donna Stephens, Noil and
Shirley Thomas, Kathleen and Lloyd
Barrett, Janet Chastine, James and Karen
Thomas, Mary Lewis, Joel and Kathy
Menely, Chris and Sandy Thomas, Julius
Interment:  Cedar Grove Cemetery

Thomason, Diana
December 3, 1950 ~ November 7, 2011
Survivors: John Thomason, Pat and Jerry
Brown, Evelyn McCloud and Samantha
Interment: Cremation

Thomason, Glen Arthur
July 14, 1916 ~ February 12, 2010
Survivors:  Marilyn Pufflay, Janet and
Funk, Karen and Bud Chacellor, Gloria
McCloud, John and Diana Thomason
Interment:  Mount Hermon Cemetery

Thomason, James Leo
September 5, 1921 ~ February 6, 2011
Survivors:  Betty and Galen Beach, Jim
and Kathy Thomason
Interment:  Mount Hermon Cemetery

Thompson, Emmett Clay
March 28, 1956 ~ December 14, 2004
Survivors:  Angela Thompson, Jeremiah
Interment:  Cremation

Thompson, Eva Bedwell Schafer
February 2, 1916 ~ August 21, 2009
Survivors:  Hershel and Jessie Schafer
Interment:  Green Forest Cemetery

Thompson, Lottie May
December 23, 1913 ~ October 2, 2005
Survivors:  Bonnie and Jerry Myers, Fern
and Joe Bushong, Vivian Upchurch
Interment:  Mount Hermon Cemetery

Thompson, Joeseph Edward "D.D."
February 28, 1932 ~ August 17, 2011
Survivors:  Theresa and Eddie Bates,
Lisa Thompson, Ronnie and Ruth An
Thompson, Jennifer and Steve McKinsey
Interment:  Piatt Cemetery

Thompson, Mark Francis
July 22, 1964 ~ June 25, 2009
Survivors:  Leeman and JoAnn Dowdy,
Elizabeth and John Farris, Pamela
Luebbers, Sue and Roland Geistlinger
Interment:  Cremation

Thompson, Mildred Martha
March 8, 1930 ~ December 7, 2013
Survivors: Michael Thompson, James
Thompson, Paula Schmidt, Vernon
Wofford, Maxine White
Interment: Miner Cemetery

Thompson, Oma Irene
June 19, 1934 ~ November 11, 2008
Survivors:  Joseph Thompson, Sheila
Parker, Theresa and Eddie Bates, Lisa
Thompson, Ronnie and Ruth Ann
Thompson, Jennifer and Steve McKinney
Interment:  Piatt Cemetery

Thompson, Ray Duane
May 8, 1932 ~ November 11, 2015
Survivors: Sheila Thompson, Mark
Thompson, Charolette Thompson Prost
Interment: Cremation

Thompson, Wanda Charlene
January 28, 1930 ~ August 10, 2013
Survivors; Larry Thompson, Stella
Bucholtz, Jim Bell
Interment: North Lawn Cemetery

Thoms, Lester Emil
July 17, 1921 ~ June 8, 2010
Survivors:  Alan Thoms, Terry Bateman
Interment:  Cedar Grove Cemetery

Thorne, Betty J.
March 31, 1927 ~ February 19, 2010
Survivors:  Patricia Ann Thorne, Bill and
Susan Lagoni, Lewis Lagoni
Interment:  Cremation

Tiefenthaler, Joyce Ellen
October  9, 1934 ~ March 22, 2012
Survivors: Rick Tiefenthaler, Dave and
Carla Tiefenthaler, Don and Cheryl
Interment: Cedar Grove Cemetery
Tiefenthaler, Richard Alan
June 26, 1931 ~ Augst 27, 2008
Survivors:  Joyce Tiefenthaler, Rick
Tiefenthaler, Dave and Carla
Tiefenthaler, Don and Cheryl Tiefenthaler
Interment:  Linn Cemetery

Tighe, Daryl Lee Sr.
March 24, 1951 ~ November 26, 2008
Survivors:  Mae Halbrook, Jerry and Betty
Scott, Bernadette and Bruce Hollinsworth,
Sylvia and Steve Willman, Daryl Tighe, Jr.
Interment:  Cedar Grove Cemetery

Tighe, Rhonda Sue
August 8, 1962 ~ February 1, 2010
Survivors:  Tom and Virginia Tighe
Interment:  Round Pond Cemetery

Tighe, Virginia Louese (Barton)
March 13, 1938 ~ November 5, 2016
Survivors: Tom Tighe, Kathryn Akins,
Belinda Robbins
Interment: Round Pond Cemetery

Till, Jeanette Ann
August 22, 1930 ~ December 31, 2013
Survivors: Mary Till Morrison, Suzanne
Till, Kate Kiska
Interment: Cedar Grove Cemetery

Tillery, Susan Renee Fleener
March 9, 1964 ~ August 29, 2005
Survivors:  William and Alene Fleener
Interment:  Jadwin Cemetery

Tinker, Edward Otto
January 18, 1917 ~ June 26, 2008
Survivors:  Venita Tinker
Interment:  Boss Cemetery

Tinker, Venita (Mathes)
June 2, 1922 ~ November 6, 2014
Survivors: Lloyd Mathes, Dale Mathes,
Ronnie Mathes, Timothy Mathes
Interment: Westfork-Sutterfield Cemetery

Tipton, Dorothy Ellen (Major)
April 25, 1930 ~ April 3, 2016
Survivors: Howard Thompson, Mike
Thompson, Pauline Shults, Wayne Baker
Interment: Cedar Grove Cemetery

Tobey, Terri Sue
March 29, 1960 ~ September 29, 2013
Survivors: Orben Tobey, Benjamin
Tobey, Clinton and Sue Jadwin, Scott
Jadwin, Kim Smith, Wendy Smith
Interment: Jadwin Cemetery

Todd, Clinton Virgil
September 8, 1930 ~ July 6, 2013
Survivors: Jane Todd, Clinton Roland
Todd, Kathleen Todd, Judy and Davis
DeWitt, Patricia Todd
Interment: Boss Cemetery

Todd, Donal Jack
June 5, 1940 ~ January 7, 2016
Survivors: Patricia Todd, Jack Todd,
Natalie Todd, Jim Abney
Interment: North Lawn Cemetery

Todd, Wanda Lee
November 19, 1927 ~ May 25, 2013
Survivors: Gail Martin, Paul Todd
Interment: Boss Cemetery

Tredway, Zachary Adam
May 17, 2000 ~ June 9, 2012
Survivors: Holly Hendrick, Mike Tredway,
Alexander Hendrick, Andrew  Hendrick,
Austin Tredway, Nikki Selsor and Amanda
Interment: Westfork-Sutterfield Cemetery

Tripp, Artie (Wainwright)
April 5, 1925 ~ January 6, 2017
Survivors: Alta and Claude Lunn,
Barbara Rickerd, Robbie Wainwright,
Barry Wainwright
Interment: North Lawn Cemetery

Tripp, Jessie Marie
April 8, 1925 ~ June 10, 2014
Survivors: Eual Gene George, Houston
Richard Goforth, Elvin Rickie Tripp, Billie
Lee Tripp-Carreon, Jesse Marie
Tripp-Seay, Ryanne Danette Tripp
Interment: Flatwoods Cemetery

Tripp, Samuel Elvin
August 3, 1928 ~ November 10, 2010
Survivors:  Jessie Tripp, Rick Tripp, Billie
Nichols, Jessie Seay
Interment:  Flatwoods Cemetery

Trolinger, Steve O'Neal
March 27, 1958 ~ April 22, 2005
Survivors:  Eula Trolinger
Interment:  Smith Cemetery

Troyer, Harry M.
March 11, 1924 ~ March 15, 2011
Survivors:  Sarah Troyer, Rhoda and
Amos Schwartz, Lydia and Samuel
Schwartz, John and Lydia Troyer, Mary
and Eli Troyer, Fannie and Amos Troyer,
Eli and Anna Troyer
Interment: Salem Christian Brotherhood

Troyer, Sarah E.
January 20, 1930 ~ March 1, 2015
Survivors: Rhoda and Amos Schwartz,
Lydia and Samuel Schwartz, John and
Lydia Troyer, Mary and Eli Troyer, Fannie
and Amos Troyer, Eli and Anna Troyer
Interment: Salem Christian Brotherhood

Tune, David Clair
May 15, 1938 ~ January 8, 2015
Survivors: Margie Tune, Phillip Tune,
Janette Kellermann, Harold Tune, Loreita
Interment: Tune Cemetery

Tune, Gary James
July 12, 1948 ~ October 10, 2006
Survivors:  Anna Tune
Interment:  Cremation

Tune, Harold Wayne
March 21, 1943 ~ June 30, 2015
Survivors: Nancy Tune, Mark Tune,
Loreita McCarter, Arron and Jessica
Tune, Brittany Tune
Interment: Cremation

Turnbough, Junia May "Judy"
May 31, 1939 ~ March 20, 2012
Survivors: Jimmy Turnbough,
Rick Turnbough, Peggy Davis and
Connie Cowin
Interment: Maple Grove Cemetery

Turner, Bernice E.
June 6, 1922 ~ November 15, 2010
Survivors:  Brenda and Larry Wofford
Interment:  Cremation

Turner, Junior Ray
November 11, 1939 ~ August 23, 2010
Survivors:  Rosalie Turner
Interment:  Wallace-Turner Cemetery

Turner, Phyllis Ann
August 27, 1956 ~ December 18, 2012
Survivors: Doyle Turner, Berniece
Wisdom, Kristina Nakanishi
Interment: Jane Callahan Cemetery

Turner, Rosalie Fern
September 4, 1918 ~ October 6, 2010
Survivors:  Cecil and Sue Turner, Doyle
and Phyllis Turner, Ronald and Laverne
Turner, Paul and Donna Turner, Judy
and Quinten Hamilton, Karen Reese,
Anna and David Hasty
Interment:  Wallace-Turner Cemetery

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