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Pruitt, Pauline Maudy
August 30, 1926 ~ September 3, 2007
Survivors:  John Pruitt, Ray and Penny
Wood, Roy and Carol Wood, Bill and
Shirley Wood, Linda and Walter Boyd,
Danny and Tina Pruitt
Interment:  Weese Cemetery

Pryor, Danny James
April 2, 1960 ~ June 13, 2018
Survivors: Vivian Pryor, Blanche Pryor,
Darin Pryor, Amy Hayes
Interment: Cedar Grove Cemetery

Pryor, Dennis Wade
June 9, 1962 ~ August 30, 2017
Survivors: Debbie Pryor, Darrell and Betty
Pryor, Fay Chandler, Jami Carmack,
Amanda Pryor, Dereck Pryor, Morgan
Pryor, Keragan Pryor, Kassidy Pryor
Interment: Upper Indian Creek Cemetery

Pryor, Donald Lee
March 8, 1931 ~ January 13, 2015
Survivors: Rosa Lee Pryor, Janet and
Gary Straub, Christine Whitaker
Interment: Boss Cemetery

Pryor, Erma Jean, "Jeanie" (Mowrey)
Survivors: Jim Pryor, Darren Pryor, Jason
Pryor, Ken Mowrey
Interment: Boss Cemetery

Pryor, Kelly
June 28, 1960 ~ December 5, 2013
Survivors: Heather Pryor, Kelby Pryor,
Pam Davis
Interment: Boss Cemetery

Pryor, Pearl (Major)
February 6, 1919 ~ August 5, 2015
Survivors: Carlene Lunn, Anthony Pryor
Interment: Boss Cemetery

Pryor, Rosa Lee
August 4, 1930 ~ March 3, 2015
Survivors: Janet and Gary Straub,
Christine Whitaker, James and Berniece
Interment: Boss Cemetery

Pryor, Stephen Lynn
November 18, 1957 ~ January 23, 2009
Survivors:  Stella Pryor, Tammy Pryor, Eli
and Cortni Pryor, Kasey and Eric Hedrick,
Eric Pryor, Abigail Pryor
Interment:  Boss Cemetery

Pryor, Wanda Darlene (Woolf)
August 24, 1930 ~ December 3, 2016
Survivors: Paul "Tooter" Pryor, Denny
and Connie Pryor, Tina and Ryan
Whitaker, Michelle and Jerry Pyatt
Interment: Boss Cemetery

Putman, Gentry Wayne
Dec. 28, 1922 ~ Sept. 27, 2006
Survivors:  Geneva Putman, Marvin and
Teresa Putman
Interment:  Cedar Grove Cemetery

Pyatt, Bessie Mae
December 13, 1920 ~ August 28, 2003
Survivors:  Willie and Kay Pyatt, John and
Thelma Pyatt, Bill and Lynette Pyatt, Bob
and Gilda Pyatt, Wesley Pyatt, Judy and
Junior Brooks, Betty Werick
Interment:  Piatt Cemetery

Pyatt, Willard Wesley
January 20, 1934 ~ September 15, 2015
Survivors: Mildred Pyatt, James Pyatt,
Mary McFarland, Jerry Pyatt
Interment: Carty Cemetery

Pyatt, William Gene
July 18, 1943 ~ April 14, 2016
Survivors: Kay Pyatt, Charlene
Wibbenmeyer, Daniel Pyatt, Dana Stacy,
Kim Richmond, David and Cindy Voyles
Interment: Cremation

Pyeatt, Randy Deanis
February 28, 1962 ~ April 5, 2016
Survivors: Wanda Pyeatt, Wayne Pyeatt,
Joe Pyeatt, Bonnie Leonard, Darlene
Pyeatt, Loretta Pyeatt
Interment: Cedar Grove Cemetery

Pyeatt, Wanda Maybell (McCall)
October 9, 1932 ~ April 6, 2018
Survivors: Bonnie Leonard, Wayne
Pyeatt, Joe Pyeatt, Darlene Pyeatt,
Loretta Pyeatt
Interment: Cedar Grove Cemetery

Quick, Johnny Lloyd
March 20, 1947 ~ October 6, 2005
Survivors:  Rita Quick, Laura and Robb
Best, Bryan Quick, Linda and Raymond
Interment:  Round Pond Cemetery

Quick, Kenneth L. "Tiny"
November 12, 1957~November 11, 2017
Survivors: Connie Quick, Josh and Sarah
Quick, Lena Quick, Shelby Quick
Interment: Jadwin Cemetery

Quick, Leslie C.
July 25, 1915 ~ July 7, 2008
Survivors:  Martha Quick, Vera and John
Dotson, Jean and Bob Williams
Interment:  Bunker Cemetery

Quick, Martha Louise Terrill
March 23, 1915 ~ September 8, 2008
Survivors:  Joy and Melva Terrill, Betty
and Wid Walls, Shirley Burrus, Claudine
and Carl Vance, Wanda and Lindell
Williams, Millie and Denzel Williams,
Dwain and Brenda Terrill, Anna and Jim
Misuraco, Sudie and Verdis Williams,
Kathy and Rick Damouth, Jay and Connie
Interment:  Bunker Cemetery

Quick, Norma Jean (Akers)
December 14, 1937 ~ April 23, 2015
Survivors: Deborah and Dennis Newkirk,
Alyson and Robbie Doupe, Paul Akers,
Wayne Akers, Willie Akers
Interment: Mt Hermon Cemetery

Quick, Rita Lorraine
September 19, 1945 ~ October 18, 2010
Survivors:  Laura and Robb Best, Bryan
Quick, Linda and Raymond Parker
Interment:  Round Pond Cemetery

Quick, Ruby Ann (Land)
September 15, 1936 ~ March 29, 2013
Survivors: Raymond D. Quick, Ron Quick,
David Land
Interment: Stone Hill Cemetery