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Nafus, Ramona Ann
August 12, 1942 ~ December 1, 2003
Survivors:  Patricia Storm, Cynthia Jones
Interment:  Cremation

Nagel, Reinhardt Adolph "Ran"
January 9, 1933 ~ April 14, 2007
Survivors:  Roxanne and Sandy
Anderson, Allen Nagel
Interment:  Nagel Family Farm

Nagel, Bobbie Gwen "Wendy"
November 17, 1942 ~ April 14, 2007
Survivors:  Oran and Juanita Nichols,
Roxanne and Sandy Anderson, Allen
Interment:  Nagel Family Farm

Nance, Kenneth William
February 16, 1936 ~ April 7, 2008
Survivors:  Merida Zumbahlen
Interment:  Cremation

Nash, Harold Mason Lloyd
January 2, 1992 ~ August 5, 2011
Survivors:  Dana and Billy Ramsey, Kevin
Nash, Tia Nash
Interment:  Boss Cemetery

Nash, Kevin Lloyd
May 28, 1968 ~ August 2, 2017
Survivors: Geraldine Moore, Wyatt Nash,
Olivia Parker, Tia Nash
Interment: Anutt Cemetery

Nash, Mary Lee
March 15, 1939 ~ June 24, 2006
Survivors:  Rita and Don Fisher, Elaine
and Stanley Chandler, Chris and Trish
Conley, Anita and Bill Richmond,
Rebecca and Ronnie Lowe, Dwain and
Paula Conley, Dawn Nash, Julie Martino,
Barbie Nash
Interment:  Boss Cemetery

Nash, Richard Dewaine
February 9, 1931 ~ June 1, 2014
Survivors: Edith Nash, Dennis Nash,
Randy Nash, Mark Nash, Jackie Lunn,
JoAnn Reed
Interment: Cedar Grove Cemetery

Nash, William "Bill" Benjamin Sr.
June 24, 1956 ~ March 1, 2010
Survivors:  Arnold and Juanita Nash, BJ
Nash, Jr., Nathan Nash, Keshia Nash
Interment:  Cedar Grove Cemetery

Nash, William Esco "Butch" Jr.
August 24, 1948 ~ April 11, 2011
Survivors:  Shirley Nash, Glenna Nash,
Kim and Rick Blevins, Bill Nash
Interment:  North Lawn Cemetery

Nelson, Arvil Lee
August 1, 1929 ~ April 10, 2008
Survivors: Kathleen Nelson, Ronda and
Leland Ellerman, Debbie and Bob Rhea,
Kim Whitaker
Interment:  New Hope Cemetery

Nelson, Debra Marlene
December 31, 1956 ~ January 3, 2013
Survivors; Mary Camden, Crystal Wack
Interment: Cremation

Nelson, Kathleen (Parker)
February 4, 1930 ~ March 3, 2018
Survivors: Ronda Ellerman, Debbie Rhea,
Kim Whitaker
Interment: New Hope Cemetery

Nelson, Larry Alan
February 4, 1943 ~ July 11, 2018
Survivors: Tina Yoder-Nelson,
Christopher Bright-Nelson, Cindy, Janet
Interment: Veteran's Cemetery, Ft. Wood

Nichols, Anna Lea (McCarter)
July 6, 1948 ~ March 28, 2018
Survivors: Jewel McCarter, Scott and
Sherri Nichols, Lea Anna and Jeff Terrill
Interment: Jadwin Cemetery

Nickles, James Dwain
January 2, 1941 ~ February 21, 2014
Survivors: Gerald Nickles and extended
Interment: Mt. Hermon Cemetery

Niemi, Margaret Rose
March 19, 1922 ~ February 14, 2013
Survivors; Priscilla Land, Alfred Treb
Interment: Cedar Grove Cemetery

Nivens, Bessie Bernice
July 9, 1928 ~ March 14, 2005
Survivors:  Teresa and Danny Mathes
Interment:  Cedar Grove Cemetery

Nivens, Connie Sue
February 6, 1943 ~ May 20, 2012
Survivors: Angie Micke, Leslie Nivens,
Lloyd Counts, Bob Counts, Roger
Counts, Marsha Drury, and Violet Fulton
Interment: Empire Cemetery

Nivens, Dorse Freddie
February 5, 1919 ~ January 10, 2003
Survivors:  Cleone Nivens, Doris and Ron
Brown, Tom and Brenda Nivens
Interment:  Miner Cemetery

Nivens, Jesse James
January 5, 1917 ~ October 9, 2003
Survivors:  Bessie Nivens, Teresa and
Danny Mathes
Interment:  Cedar Grove Cemetery

Nivens, Mae Cleone
May 1, 1922 ~ June 11, 2010
Survivors:  Doris and Ron Brown, Tom
and Brenda Nivens
Interment:  Miner Cemetery

Noles, Edgar William
December 24, 1920 ~ February 28, 2008
Survivors:  Louise Noles, Linda
Richardson, Sue and Rondall Wisdom
Interment:  Crossville Cemetery

Noles, Louise V.
September 25, 1924 ~ January 17, 2013
Survivors; Linda Rutledge, Sue Wisdom
Interment: Cedar Grove Cemetery

Norfleet, Harold Raymond "Fritz"
August 11, 1947 ~ January 27, 2012
Survivors: Dixie Norfleet, Frances Norfleet
Interment: Cedar Grove Cemetery

Norris, Carl Joseph
April 27, 1935 ~ December 22, 2010
Survivors:  Dorothy Norris, Joe and Mary
Ann Norris, Carl Wayne Norris, Ronnie
and Jeannie Norris, Mike Norris, Wade
and Lora Norris
Interment:  Stone Hill Cemetery

Norris, Carl Wayne
July 17, 1958 ~ November 20, 2011
Survivors: Dorothy Norris, Bambi and Jeff
Hinsley, Tammy and Cory White
Interment: Stone Hill Cemetery

Norris, Dorothy Alice (Bacon)
March 20, 1934 ~ November 30, 2017
Survivors: Joe Norris, Mike Norris, Darrell
Interment: Stone Hill Cemetery

Norris, Heidi C. (Luer)
October 15, 1927 ~ May 2, 2016
Survivors: Ralph Norris, Ginger
Breckenridge, Pat Norris
Interment: Cedar Grove Cemetery

Norris, James "Jim" Abner
June 30, 1935 ~ June 1, 2011
Survivors:  Richard and Glenna Norris,
Stevin Norris, Ronald and Lisa Norris,
Donald and Patty Norris
Interment:  Cedar Grove Cemetery

Norris, Kenneth Edward
July 10, 1933 ~ October 23, 2010
Survivors:  Doris Norris, Steve and Tina
Norris, Kent and Nancy Norris, Brenda
and Randall Terry, Rosemary Heman,
Beverly and Rick Ragsdale
Interment:  Boss Cemetery

Norris, Mary Ann
February 21, 1942 ~ September 13, 2009
Survivors:  Morris Norris, Jerry Norris,
William Norris, Jeffery and Threasa Norris
Interment:  Blackwell Cemetery

Norris, Michael Peter
October 18, 1946 ~ May 2, 2012
Survivors: Ralph and Heidi (Luer) Norris
Interment: Cedar Grove Cemetery

Norris, Nancy Sue
July 3, 1954 ~ February 7, 2013
Survivors; Kent Norris
Interment: Boss Cemetery

Norris, Ralph David
January 12, 1931 ~ August 28, 2017
Survivors: Pat Norris, Clydene
Pennington, Kathleen Johnson, Ginger
Interment: Cedar Grove Cemetery

Norris, Ronnie Lee
September 20, 1959 ~ May 20, 2016
Survivors: Genie Norris, Dorothy Norris,
Aaron Norris
Interment: Stone Hill Cemetery

Nothaus, Robert Louis
October 28, 1961 ~ May 1, 2012
Survivors: Ashley Haas, Logan Nothaus,
Louis J. and Joeanne (Wright) Nothaus
Interment: North Lawn Cemetery

Nyback, Jerry Torfin
May 14, 1935 ~ January 13, 2010
Survivors:  Beatrice Nyback, Jane Lind,
David Nyback, Lisa Nyen
Interment:  Crystal, Minnesota

Oakley, Patricia Ann (Liinder)
January 2, 1943 ~ November 30, 2015
Survivors: Jerry Oakley, Josh Oakley,
Mackenzie Oakley
Interment: Cedar Grove Cemetery

Oberlin, Beverly Jean
December 9, 1946 ~ December 26, 2014
Survivors: Bruno Kolb, Peggy Torres,
Betty Bartosik, Arthur Oberlin
Interment: Cremation

O'Day, Mary Louise
March 21, 1918 ~ August 3, 2009
Survivors:  John and Judy O'Day, Mary
O'Day, Alexander O'Day, Thomas O'Day,
Timothy O'Day, Sarah O'Dell, Philip and
Betsy O'Day, Anne O'Day, Robert O'Day,
Theresa Schroer, Michael O'Day
Interment:  Hazelwood Cemetery

O'Day, Timothy Owen
December 20, 1950 ~ December 13, 2017
Survivors: John O'Day, Mary O'Day,
Alexander O'Day, Sarah O'Day, Phillip
O'Day, Anne O'Day, Robert O'Day,
Theresa O'Day Schoer, Michael O'Day
Interment: Hazelwood Cemetery

Oelsen, Amaya Jaine
March 6, 2015 ~ July 11, 2015
Survivors: John Oelsen and Brooke
Bergen, Ashton Bergen
Interment: Cremation

Oelsen, Byron Thomas
August 31, 1933 ~ December 30, 2010
Survivors:  Pam Oelsen, Anna and Terry
Everroad, Brenda and Ken Jessen, John
and Elizabeth Oelsen, Rhonda Oelsen,
Bradley Oelsen, Tommy and Sharon
Oelsen, Kimberly and Michael Burkhart,
Kellie Bayiard
Interment:  Cremation

Oller, Russell Isaiah Jr.
July 4, 1929 ~ April 13, 2010
Survivors:  Marcia Oller, Debby and Dale
Green, George and Julie Oller, Russell
and Pam Oller
Interment:  Gladden Empire Cemetery

Ormsbee, Avery "Bob"
December 25, 1929 ~ April 8, 2013
Survivors: Chloris Ormsbee
Interment: New Harmony Cemetery

Ormsbee, Marjorie Chloris
July 13, 1929 ~ June 1, 2015
Survivors: Jim Arnold, Amy Rusk,
Matt Arnold, Ashley Foster
Interment: New Harmony Cemetery

Otto, Theodore William
December 8, 1917 ~ September 14, 2004
Survivors:  Maxine Otto, Darlene Morris
Interment:  Cedar Grove Cemetery

Owens, Wilford Steven
May 23, 1940 ~ January 7, 2003
Survivors:  Kathy Owens, Diane Wade,
Jeffrey Owens, Christopher Owens,
Timothy Owens, Brian Owens, Shanna
Interment:  Cedar Grove Cemetery