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Keel, Cleata C.
October 31, 1911 ~ January 27, 2005
Interment:  Penn Ridge Cemetery

Keel, Henry Wayne
December 14, 1977 ~ January 24, 2009
Survivors:  Henry Keel, Sr., Corey Keel,
Henry Keel, III, Tamra Keel
Interment:  Cremation

Keithly, Johnnie Mervin
October 18, 1917 ~ April 8, 2010
Survivors:  Janice and Larry Cape, Joyce
and Harold Fiebelman, Judy and Curtis
Interment:  Cedar Grove Cemetery

Keithly, Loretta Faye
January 15, 1922 ~ August 8, 2007
Survivors:  Johnnie Keithly, Janice and
Larry Cape, Joyce and Harold Fiebelman,
Judy and Curtis Bottorff
Interment:  Cedar Grove Cemetery

Kepple, Calvin Elmer
October 12, 1947 ~ August 9, 2006
Survivors:  Kimberly Kepple, Christian
Interment:  Cedar Grove Cemetery

Kerr, Rickey Ray
April 26, 1951 ~ June 16, 2011
Survivors:  Cara Kerr, Hazel Kerr
Interment:  Cedar Grove Cemetery

Kerrigan, Sharon Kay
April 18, 1957 ~ August 11, 2010
Survivors:  Joseph Peppers
Interment:  Cremation

Kilbourn, Willie A.
November 20, 1936 ~ January 14, 2012
Survivors: Clarence Wayne and Joyce
Kilbourn, Frances D. Crosswhite, and
Lena and Sam Staggs
Interment: Cedar Grove Cemetery

King, Erna Mae
August 6, 1926 ~ May 18, 2005
Survivors:  Susan and Dennis DeJarnett,
Deborah King, Gwynn and Ted Beers,
Gary and Doris King
Interment:  Boss Cemetery

Kirksey, Barbara Jean
April 22, 1942 ~ May 15, 2006
Survivors:  Becky and Bill Counts
Interment:  New Harmony Cemetery

Knight, Jeannette Ruth
February 25, 1933 ~ January 25, 2005
Survivors:  Joyce and Martin Hart, James
Knight, Wesley and Edna Knight, Tim and
Rita Knight, Glen and Patsy Knight,
Elaine Smith, Ruth and Clifton Williams,
Anthony and Linda Knight, Troy Knight
Interment:  Cedar Grove Cemetery

Kreiter, John Lawrance
July 24, 1962 ~ August 8, 2006
Survivors:  Crystal Kreiter, Nicolina and
Therin Moon, Joseph Kreiter, April
Kreiter, Edna Krieter
Interment:  Rocky Ford Cemetery

Kuhn, Susan Jane
January 28, 1948 ~ March 7, 2012
Survivors: Thomas Kuhn, Kim Wilson,
Shannon Kuhn, Jody Kuhn, Curtis Kuhn,
Travis Kuhn, and Tracy Quick
Interment: North Lawn Cemetery

Kuntz, Joseph Franklin
Nov. 21, 1943 ~ Sept. 29, 2008
Survivors:  Norma Kuntz, Joseph Kuntz,
Jr., Janet and Brad Bennett
Interment:  Empire Cemetery

Kurtright, James Ellsworth
July 29, 1922 ~ December 31, 2005
Survivors:  Maxine Kurtright
Interment:  Cedar Grove Cemetery

Kurtright, Maxine S.
Survivors:  John St. John
Interment:  Cedar Grove Cemetery

Labruyere, Dolly Fay
December 18, 1921 ~ February 7, 2010
Survivors:  Doris Heacock
Interment:  Boss Cemetery

Lada, Carolynne Marie
March 14, 1932 ~ June 28, 2007
Survivors:  Albert Lada, Sherry Anderson,
Melinda and Keith White, Keith and
Beverly Lada, Michelle and Robert Hill
Interment:  Boss Cemetery

Lampley, Melvin Thomas
May 21, 1939  ~ February 19, 2012
Survivors: Lois H. Lampley
Interment: Cremation

Lampley, Violet Irene
August 20, 1921 ~ May 6, 2007
Survivors:  Melvin Tom and Lois Lampley,
Susan and Jim Medearis
Interment:  Cremation

Land, Mary Magglena
February 28, 1925 ~ October 17, 2009
Survivors:  Austin Land, Rodney and
Shelley Land, Jennifer Frey
Interment:  Cedar Grove Cemetery

Land, Myrtle Wilma
July 4, 1912 ~ August 27, 2007
Survivors:  Kathy and Donald Dyer,
Debbie and Tony Helsley
Interment:  Cedar Grove Cemetery

Land, Seth "Adam"
March 1, 1986 ~ April 30, 2009
Survivors:  Dana Bourbon, Kenith Land
Interment:  Cremation

Landers, Cecil M.
March 3, 1920 ~ January 27, 2010
Survivors:  Imogene Landers, Martha and
Timothy Daniel, Walter and Dana
Landers, Eiddielou Landers, Wilma and
Hue Capps, Cecil and Susan Landers,
Janet and Ray Moran, Annabel Routh,
Emogene and Tom Welch, William and
Laura Landers
Interment:  Cedar Grove Cemetery

Landreth, Paula Marie
May 27,1929 ~ February 5, 2012
Survivors: Donna Jean Seabaugh
Interment: Cremation

Larez, Veda "Lorene"
May 10, 1920 ~ February 24, 2007
Survivors:  Joe and Martha McBee, Alyce
and Oscar McNeil, Mark Larez
Interment:  Cedar Grove Cemetery

Laughlin, Ralph Gene
August 14, 1939 ~ June 16, 2011
Survivors:  Jessie Laughlin, Kenneth and
Jerry Laughlin, Brady and Elizabeth
Laughlin, Carl and Kathleen Laughlin,
Ricky and Gloria Laughlin
Interment:  Cremation

Lawson, David Wayne
May 29, 1950 ~ June 21, 2010
Survivors:  Suzanne Lawson, Colleen and
Michael Carl, Crystal and Robert Logan
Interment:  Boss Cemetery

League, Craig LeRoy
October 16, 1920 ~ February 7, 2007
Survivors:  Erna League, Randy and
Debbie League
Interment:  Cedar Grove Cemetery
League, Erna Gerene
May 24, 1920 ~ December 25, 2008
Survivors:  Randy League
Interment:  Cedar Grove Cemetery

Lewis, Faye Lucille
September 10, 1911 ~ April 14, 2003
Survivors:  Teresa Lewis
Interment:  Empire Cemetery

Lewis, Larry Douglas
August 30, 1949 ~ March 18, 2003
Survivors:  Eric and Megan Lewis,
Jennifer Lewis, Freida Lewis
Interment:  Cedar Grove Cemetery

Leonard, Esther Rebecca
September 17, 1922 ~ August 13, 2007
Survivors:  George Leonard, Joseph and
Bev Leonard, Norma and Ralph Hagan,
Leon and Terry Leonard, John and
Bonnie Leonard, Jim and Brenda
Leonard, Jack Leonard, George and
Christine Leonard, Jerry Leonard, Donna
and David Levin, Ron and Mary Leonard
Interment:  New Hope Cemetery

Leonard, George Edward
July 4, 1920 ~ December 14, 2010
Survivors:  Joseph and Bev Leonard,
Norma and Ralph Hagan, Leon and Terry
Leonard, John and Bonnie Leonard, Jim
and Brenda Leonard, Jack Leonard,
George and Christine Leonard, Jerry
Leonard, Donna and David Levin, Ron
and Mary Leonard
Interment:  New Hope Cemetery

Leonard, Jeffrey Allen
August 21, 1968 ~ May 28, 2009
Survivors:  Joe and Beverly Leonard,
Rebecca Leonard, Sarah Leonard
Interment:  New Hope Cemetery

Levay, Clyde S.
March 19, 1920 ~ September 21, 2009
Survivors:  Ples Hedrick
Interment:  Cremation

Levin, Donna Faye
September 8, 1956 ~ August 6, 2011
Survivors:  David Levin, James Levin
Interment:  New Hope Cemetery

Levoy, Anna Louise
June 26, 1916 ~ August 24, 2009
Survivors:  Clyde Levoy
Interment:  Cremation

Lewis, Floyd Eugene
January 14, 1939 ~ October 4, 2004
Survivors:  Freida Lewis, Regina and
Craig Kellmann
Interment:  Cedar Grove Cemetery

Lewis, Luke Dee
April 25, 1975 ~ December 24, 2005
Survivors:  Elizabeth Jackson
Interment:  Rector Cemetery

Lewis, Teddy
February 15, 1923 ~ December 16, 2004
Survivors:  Bonnie Lewis, Kenneth Lewis,
Anita and Rick Quartier, Sharon Lewis
Interment:  Empire Cemetery

Limbaugh, Ray
May 6, 1919 ~ February 22, 2005
Survivors:  Norma Limbaugh, Jerry and
Ruth Limbaugh, Joy and Richard
Richards, Larry and Marilyn Limbaugh
Interment:  Marcus Memorial Park

Lindsey, Jerry Lee
July 22, 1946 ~ November 30, 2008
Survivors:  Diane Zapesiek, Jerry
Lindsey, Jr., James Vanwinkle, Candy
Louck, Larry Vanwinkle, Madeline
Hanson, Jacob Lindsey
Interment:  Cremation

Light, Jerry Gale Jr
August 12, 1968 ~ January 29, 2007
Survivors:  Jerry Light, Sr., Karen Light,
Jerry Lee Light, Charles Light, William
Light, Andrew Light, Julie Shults
Interment:  House of Prayer Cemetery

Limbaugh, Norma Ruth
October 28, 1924 ~ October 14, 2006
Survivors:  Jerry and Ruth Limbaugh,
Larry and Marilyn Limbaugh, Joy and
Richard Richards
Interment:  Marcus Memorial Park

Lindsey, Opal D.
February 18, 1931 ~ January 3, 2011
Survivors:  Donald Lindsey
Interment:  Cremation

Loop, Terry William
August 22, 1943 ~ July 30, 2011
Survivors:  Susan Loop, Robert and Trish
Loop, Barry and Beth Loop, Terri Ann
and Aldo Cook, Jessica and Kelly
VanMatre, Andrea and Scott Thornbury
Interment:  Burnett Cemetery

Lough, Mildred Daphene
August 18, 1916 ~ December 9, 2008
Survivors:  Glenda and Delbert Vieregge,
Janet Farace, A.W. "Joe" and Lorie Lough
Interment:  North Lawn Cemetery

Lough, Opal Marie
September 12, 1917 ~ June 13, 2005
Survivors:  Jackie Lough, Warren Lough
Interment:  Jadwin Cemetery

Lough, Orin Wesley
February 13, 1916 ~ January 11, 2009
Survivors:  Eva Lough, Jerry and Carolyn
Lough, Dan and Karen Lough, Kathy and
Randy Grauf
Interment:  Jadwin Cemetery

Ludan, Marie Elizabeth
May 3, 1914 ~ May 3, 2008
Survivors:  Jim and Shari Ludan, Robert
and Sharon Ludan, William Ludan
Interment:  cremation

Ludeke, Kimberly Lynn
April 4, 1968 ~ January 21, 2011
Survivors:  Lynn Ludeke, Anne Maples
Interment:  New Harmony Cemetery

Lunn, Edwin Leon
July 21, 1937 ~ August 9, 2009
Survivors:  Carlene Lunn, Keith and
Jackie Lunn, Mark Lunn
Interment:  Cedar Grove Cemetery

Lunn, Raymond Alvin
October 30, 1911 ~ July 9, 2004
Survivors:  Deloris and Lonnie Lane,
Lloyd and Arlene Lunn, Donn and Gerald
Cooley, Fern and Charles Radke, Ailene
and Dewey Riden, Kenny and Coyetta
Interment:  Cedar Grove Cemetery

Lunn, Wayne Eugene "Gene"
August 29, 1924 ~ October 14, 2007
Survivors:  Barbara and Lloyd Walberg,
Ronald and Patricia Lunn, Greg and Niki
Interment:  Mount Hermon Cemetery

Luttrell, Mildred Irene
December 16, 1922 ~ August 2, 2004
Survivors:  Harold and Marcy Goforth,
Howard and Sharon Goforth, Rick and
Vera Luttrell, G.W. and Vanessa Luttrell
Interment:  North Lawn Cemetery