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Ingram, Bobby Gene
May 29, 1931 ~ March 22, 2005
Survivors:  Hildred Ingram, Patty and Tom
Grogan, Linda and Blake Flieg, Peggy
and Chris Link
Interment:  New Hope Cemetery

Inman, Erma Mae
October 18, 1932 ~ December 23, 2014
Survivors: Shelley and Larry Schafer,
Dustin and Christina Schafer, Joyce and
Kenny Nash, Makenzie and Logan
Interment: Dry Fork Cemetery

Inman, John William
November 3, 1952 ~ October 2, 2010
Survivors:  Frankie Inman, Michelle and
Gary Skaggs, Tammy and Greg Jackson,
Terri and Troy Knight, Becky Inman,
Danielle Inman
Interment:  Dry Fork Cemetery

Inman, Kenneth Howard
February 26, 1944 ~ April 30, 2017
Survivors: Denese Smith, Carl Ray Inman,
Dwaine Inman, Dennis Inman, Brian
Inman, Carol Cannon, Doris Whitaker
Interment: Cremation

Inman, Linda Frances
November 4, 1954 ~ December 15, 2008
Survivors:  Kenny Inman
Interment:  Cremation

Inman, Marvin Leonard
June 26, 1935 ~ June 2, 2005
Survivors:  Erma Inman, Mary Elizabeth
Inman, Shelley and Larry Schafer
Interment:  Dry Fork Cemetery

Inman, Mary Elizabeth "Lizzie"
June 20, 1914 ~ March 25, 2011
Survivors:  Virginia and Vardell Wisdom,
Shirley and Bob Morton, Sharon and
David Bergner, Judy Parker, Perry and
Verna Inman, Junior and Judy Inman
Interment:  Dry Fork Cemetery

Inman, Richard Paul
December 6, 1951 ~ January 10, 2006
Survivors:  Linda Inman, Cindy and Scott
Ludgate, Anthony and Teddi Inman,
Bryan Inman
Interment:  Mount Hermon Cemetery

Irons Sr, Kurt Christian
January 6, 1924 ~ June 5, 2011
Survivors:  Kurt and Beverly Irons, Cathy
and Dwayne McClellan, Gregg Irons
Interment:  Cedar Grove Cemetery
Jackson, Carol Ann
October 26, 1952 ~ April 29, 2009
Survivors:  Marie Askew, Mistie and
George Ball, Eric Cantrell, Stacy Cantrell,
Stephanie Cantrell
Interment:  Vandiver Hollow Cemetery

Jackson, Evelyn Rose (Abbott)
March 6, 1931 ~ November 1, 2016
Survivors: Nancy Stroburg, Billy Jackson,
Thomas Jackson, Candace Chafton
Interment: Jadwin Cemetery

Jackson, Jerry Dale
May 16, 1950 ~ April 5, 2006
Survivors:  Sharon Jackson, Linda and
Johnny Burgess
Interment:  Jadwin Cemetery

Jackson, Jimmy Dean
October 10, 1932 ~ May 11, 2010
Survivors:  Helen Jackson, Sandy and
Paul Foley, Vicky and Danny Gladden,
Linda Robertson
Interment:  Cedar Grove Cemetery

Jackson, John Elliot
March 1, 1932 ~ July 4, 2011
Survivors:  John and Stacy Jackson
Interment:  Jadwin Cemtery

Jackson, Joyce Ann
August 18, 1956 ~ June 28, 2012
Survivors: Evelyn Jackson, Billy and
Thomas Jackson, and Nancy Stroburg
Interment: Jadwin Cemetery

Jacobs, Freddie "Jack"
February 11, 1924 ~ May 29, 2011
Survivors:  Opal Jacobs, Christine
Jacobs, Sherry and David Hutson, Steven
Interment:  New Hope Cemetery

Jacobs, Lela Mae
February 1, 1937 ~ March 29, 2014
Survivors: Jim Jacobs, Craig Ruble, Pam
Childress, Mark Ruble, Kim Gollhofer,
Amanda Wampler
Interment: Black River Baptist Church

Jacobs, Paul "Kermit"
July 23, 936 ~ January 16, 2013
Survivors; David Dale Jacobs
North Lawn Cemetery

Jadwin, Clinton Cleo
May 16, 1940 ~ July 16, 2017
Survivors: Sue Jadwin, Scott and Luann
Jadwin, Kim and Brian Smith, Wendy and
Tim L. Smith
Interment: Jadwin Cemetery

Janak, Marie Faye
November 23, 1924 ~ January 12, 2005
Survivors:  Lindell and Wanda Williams,
Denzil and Millie Williams, Maude and
Herbert Happel, Maxine and Jim Smith,
Veldeen and Tom Ruble, Vesta and Gene
Crouch, Doris and Louie Roberts
Interment:  Stluka Family Cemetery

Janson, Kathy Lorraine
September 5, 1955 ~ September 5, 2006
Survivors:  Jeff Murphy, Tosha and Travis
Thompson, Joshua Janson, Megan
Janson, Roy Williams
Interment:  Cremation

Jarvis, Frank Wayne Jr.
August 18, 1973 ~ August 7, 2014
Survivors: Daisy Flo Jarvis, Phillip E.
Jarvis, Berniece Brakefield, Cindy Jarvis,
Brandi Jarvis
Interment: Cedar Grove Cemetery

Jarvis, Phillip Eugene Sr.
November 2, 1952 ~ March 3, 2018
Survivors: Laura Trolinger, Stephanie
Buerk, Casey Jarvis, Cheri Mayes
Interment: Cremation

Jennings, Jimmie Dale
November 11, 1936 ~ September 3, 2009
Survivors:  Patricia Jennings, Crystal and
Michael Kovach, Tina Jones, Lesa and
Dean Sumpter, Jamie and Mike
Interment:  Boss Cemetery

Jennings, Patricia Sue "Pat"
March 3, 1937 ~ May 18, 2015
Survivors: Crystal Kovach, Tina Jones,
Lesa Sumpter, Jaime McPeters
Interment: Boss Cemetery

Jensen, Charles Conrad
June 8, 1920 ~ November 14, 2016
Survivors: Donald Jensen, Val Meyer,
Sandra Williams, Sarah Mizell
Interment: Cedar Grove Cemetery

Jensen, Margaret Loraine
August 20, 1918 ~ March 2, 2013
Survivors; Charles Jensen, Robert Ellis
Interment: Cedar Grove Cemetery

Jesse, Alice May
March 5, 1914 ~ July 24, 2011
Survivors:  Fern Townsend, Marqurette
Interment:  Alliance Cemetery

Jester, Jeannette Darlene
December 3, 1970 ~ June 7, 2007
Survivors:  Richard and Darlene Jester,
Kenneth Steinbarger, Joshua
Steinbarger, Emily Steinbarger
Interment:  Berry Cemetery

Jester, Joyce Darlene
August 2, 1949 ~ September 15, 2007
Survivors:  Richard Jester, Richard Jr.
and Julia Jester, Charles Jester, Connie
Interment:  Berry Cemetery

Jimmerson, Bob Eugene
November 5, 1931 ~ December 21, 2009
Survivors:  Vinita Jimmerson, Steve
Interment:  Boss Cemetery

Jimmerson, Steve Eugene
April 6, 1953 ~ October 16, 2014
Survivors: Scott Jimmerson, Stephani
Diez, Blake Jimmerson, Landon Jimmerson
Kalli Diez
Interment: Boss Cemetery

Jimmerson, Vinita
October 25, 1930 ~ December 4, 2012
Survivors: Steve Jimmerson
Interment: Boss Cemetery

Johns, Dorleska
April 4, 1918 ~ December 6, 2013
Survivors: Lillian Stevens Cooksey
Interment: Cedar Grove Cemetery

Johns, Harry Winford
March 23, 1915 ~ October 4, 2007
Survivors:  Dorleska Johns
Interment:  Cedar Grove Cemetery

Johns, Orin Jesse
September 12, 1930 ~ January 15, 2006
Survivors:  Thelma Johns, Herbert Johns,
Kathy Johns
Interment:  Mount Hermon Cemetery

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