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Dace, Charles Franklin
September 4, 1945 ~ December 28, 2012
Survivors; Ruby Dace, Kimberly Dace
Interment; Mill Creek Cemetery

Dale, Alice Louise
October 31, 1928 ~ August 17, 2013
Survivors; Johnita Sue Wells, Sally and
Vince Elwood
Interment; Cedar Grove Cemetery

Dalton, Robert Leroy
July 11, 1941 ~ July 10, 2005
Survivors:  Angela and Steven Porzelt,
Julie and Dale Wehmeier, Robert Dalton
Interment:  Mount Herman Cemetery

Daniel, Francis Allen
April 5, 1923 ~ January 21, 2017
Survivors: Peggy Warren, Donna Welch,
Kathy Strenad, Bonnie Cruz
Interment: New Harmony Cemetery

Daniel, Janice Ann
June  5, 1937 ~ May 21, 2010
Survivors:  Francis Daniel, Norman
Schultz, Tami Schultz
Interment:  New Harmony Cemetery

Darden, Elmer
April 26, 1935 ~ August 16, 2006
Survivors:  Ernestine Darden, Dennis and
Betty Darden, Teri and Mark Hanning,
Leon and Nancy Darden
Interment:  North Lawn Cemetery

Darrow, Lillian Mary
January 13, 1925 ~ August 23, 2004
Survivors:  Merritt Darrow, Louise and
Toby Decker, Milford and Treva Blair
Interment:  Green Forest Cemetery

Darrow, Merritt Ira
May 2, 1918 ~ September 1, 2006
Survivors:  David and Susan Darrow,
Gregory and Crystal Darrow
Interment:  Cedar Grove Cemetery

Davidsmeyer, Frieda Ann
January 9, 1929 ~ January 18, 2015
Survivors: Dennis Davidsmeyer, Dale
Davidsmeyer, Dee Ann Patton
Interment: Pilgrim's Rest Cemetery

Davidson, Forest Albert
July 31, 1918 ~ February 18, 2004
Survivors:  Crystal Davidson, Eldon and
June Davidson, Marvin and Pat Davidson,
Jim and Sue Davidson, Howard and
Karen Davidson, Jeanette and Curtis
Interment:  Cremation

Davies, Deborah Joan
September 1, 1957 ~ January 25, 2014
Survivors: Dorothy Koons, Justin Davies,
Richard Holliday, Remington Koons Jr.,
Catherine Inman, Shirley Cavender, Lois
Interment: North Lawn Cemetery

Davis, Carl Lee "Bud"
September 26, 1929 ~ October 21, 2015
Survivors: Carl Davis Jr., Becky
Jenkerson, Dan Davis, Kerry Davis, Larry
Davis, Beverly Land, Melinda Bradley
Interment: Parkview Cemetery

Davis, George William
April 21, 1932 ~ August 7, 2005
Survivors:  Martha Davis, Mary Botkin,
Doss and Roni Davis
Interment:  Cremation

Davis, John Joseph
July 12, 1938 ~ September 5, 2015
Survivors: Ronald Claus, Tim Claus,
Tammy Claus, Kelly Claus, Johnny Lee
Interment: Boss Cemetery

Davis, Lenoria J.
November 15, 1943 ~ September 8, 2014
Survivors: John Davis, Ronald Claus, Tim
Claus, Tammy Claus, Kelly Claus, Johnny
Lee Davis
Interment: Boss Cemetery

Davis, Neoma Osa
December 16, 1918 ~ May 25 2007
Survivors:  Sue and Clinton Jadwin,
Charlotte Stauffer, Rick and Carolyn Davis
Interment:  Jadwin Cemetery

Davis, Tammy Jo
February 14, 1960 ~ January 8, 2007
Survivors:  Mickey Davis, Junior and Betty
Adams, Jody Davis, Jordan Davis
Interment:  Cedar Grove Cemetery

Dean, Earnest Jack
October 20, 1928 ~ April 25, 2017
Survivors: Shirley Dean, Margie and
Gilbert Butler, Eugene Dean
Interment: Stone Hill Cemetery

Decker, Bobbie Louis
February 6, 1934 ~ March 28, 2005
Survivors:  Tonia and Rodney Ahlmeyer,
Braidy Decker, Robert Decker
Interment:  Cedar Grove Cemetery

Decker, Daniel Dean
October 6, 1988 ~ January 9, 2017
Survivors: Jamie Decker, Lyndell and
Teresa Decker, Arianna Perez, Malakia
Bruno, Aaleigha Decker, Jimmy Decker,
Jake Decker, Jim and Imogene Decker
Interment: Mt. Hermon Cemetery

Decker, Gusta L.
January 29, 1921 ~ December 7, 2008
Survivors:  Olive Klass, Willa Mae Maxwell
Interment:  Bunker Cemetery

Deisher, Walter Karl
February 3, 1922 ~ January 21, 2011
Survivors:  Opal Henry, Gary Woods
Interment:  Asher Cemetery

Demorlis, Sharon Kaye
July 2, 1947 ~ June 20, 2006
Survivors:  John Demorlis, Jenny and
Sam Germann, Shauna and Adam Hoover
Interment:  Blackwell Cemetery

Dempsey, Opal T.
September 5, 1912 ~ February 3, 2006
Survivors:  Jim and Sandra Dempsey
Interment:  Cremation

Dent, Douglas Mark
October 11, 1957 ~ January 4, 2015
Survivors: Jennifer Dent, Jacob Dent,
Sarah Dent, Ron Dent
Interment: North Lawn Cemetery

Derrick, Betty Louise
November 7, 1929 ~ November 19, 2009
Survivors:  Marshall Derrick, John Lester,
Donald Lester, Diana Harkins, Lari and
Dale McCord, Dian and Art Pilkington,
Lisa nd Brian Reese, Lou Ellen Myers,
Lynn and David Dias, Robert Lester
Interment:  Cedar Grove Cemetery

Derrick, Ida Lou
October 3, 1914 ~ May 26, 2008
Survivors:  Marshall and Betty Derrick
Interment:  North Lawn Cemetery

Derrick, Marshall "Marco"
October 12, 1931 ~ August 16, 2016
Survivors: Dian Pilkiington, Lari McCord,
Lisa Reese, Lynn Wofford, Lou Ellen
Interment: Cedar Grove Cemetery
Devall, Edith
August 17, 1926 ~ December 27, 2009
Survivors:  James Devall, Joe and Darlene
Devall, Carol Harrison, Marilyn and
Raymond Houser, Frank and Doris Devall,
Annell and Brian Hounshell, Danny and
Julie Devall
Interment:  Pilgrims Rest Cemetery

Devall, James Ottis
April 9, 1926 ~ October 13, 2010
Survivors:  Joe and Darlene Devall, Carol
Harrison, Marilyn and Raymond Houser,
Frank and Doris Devall, Annell and Brian
Hounshell, Danny and Julie Devall
Interment:  Pilgrims Rest Cemetery

Dexter, Eleanor Lou
March 7, 1929 ~ October 23, 2004
Survivors:  Steven and Linda Dexter,
Barbara Van Damme, Diane and Joe
Puglisi, Christine Dexter
Interment:  Cedar Grove Cemeter

Dix, James Vernon
January 18, 1924 ~ April 14, 2012
Survivors: Patsy Dix and Betty Matthews
Interment: Lakeview Memorial Gardens
Cemetery,  Fairview Heights, Illinois

Dixon, Thomas Howard
October 29, 1940 ~ September 18, 2014
Survivors: Theresa Dixon, Peggy
Clemens, Ronald Adler Jr., Theresa
Ekaitis, Michael Lewis
Interment: Cedar Grove Cemetery

Dolansky, Eugene Carl
October 23, 1919 ~ June 24, 2009
Survivors:  Donald Detmen
Interment:  Cremation

Dooley, Abbie Guthrie
March 31, 1919 ~ November 6, 2008
Survivors:  Gale and Veigh Hogan, Faye
Johns, Philip and Virginia Dooley
Interment:  Kissock Cemetery

Dooley, Olive May
April 22, 1928 ~ October 8, 2009
Survivors:  Doris and Burney Barker, Ruth
Sederburg, Paula Dooley
Interment:  Cedar Grove Cemetery

Dotson, John Ray
October 22, 1949 ~ January 25, 2016
Survivors: Linda Dotson, John W. Dotson,
Priscillia Gowan, Joneta Dotson, Bradley
Heath, Jason Howard
Interment: Dotson Cemetery

Dotson, Marvin Alex
March 7, 1932 ~ April 29, 2013
Survivors: Mae (Whitted) Dotson, Sherry
Hillebert, John Dotson, Kim Tredway,
Kathy Zieglar, Kevin Parsons, and  Kelly
Interment: Maple Grove Cemetery

Douglas, Hazel Lulabell
May 6, 1930 ~ December 8, 2011
Survivors: Terry and Linda Ives, Karen
and Mike Hane, Keith and Debra Ives,
Judy and Hershel Light, Darla and Larry
Interment: North Lawn Cemetery

Douglas, Robert "Bob" Garland
December 1, 1928 ~ October 14, 2011
Survivors:  Hazel Douglas, Wayne and
Cindy Douglas, Terry and Linda Ives,
Karen and Mike Hane, Keith and Debbie
Ives, Judy and Hershel Light
Interment:  Cedar Grove Cemetery

Dour, Shirley Mae Wells
September 27, 1938 ~ March 25, 2014
Survivors: Shirley Larson, Kathryn
Vekasy, Donna Stephens, Donald Wells,
Amanda Wethy, Michael Wells
Interment: Cedar Grove Cemetery

Dovin, LeRoy Edwin
July 16, 1919 ~ December 19, 2012
Survivors: Maxine Dovin
Interment: Cremation

Dovin, Margaret Maxine (McNeil)
April 11, 1921 ~ January 20, 2016
Survivors: Kenny McNeil, Vernal and Ellen
Blakey, Janet Whitaker
Interment: Cremation

Doyle, Barbara Anita
February 5, 1936 ~ July 7, 2014
Survivors: Debra Ensminger, David Doyle,
Loretta Edgar, Tammy Smith
Interment: Cremation

Drake, Richard Allen
January 3, 1953 ~ April 10, 2004
Survivors:  Beth and Jeff Kinnamore,
Jennifer and Brian Cole, Melissa and
Matthew Todd
Interment:  Cremation

Drury, Jessie Lorean (East)
March 2, 1930 ~ September 11, 2015
Survivors: Vickie Gibbs, James Drury Jr.,
Danny Drury, Kevin Drury, Keith Drury,
Kim Hill, Penny Steelman
Interment: Dry Fork Cemetery

Duckworth, Bernice Fay
August 10, 1915 ~ October 21, 2010
Survivors:  Glenda and Rowe Duncan,
Reba and Tom Bryson
Interment:  Dry Fork Cemetery

Duckworth, Donald Willard
May 4, 1929 ~ February 8, 2011
Survivors:  Laqueita Duckworth, David
and Dianne Duckworth, Brenda and Ray
Bishop, Beth Duckworth
Interment:  Oak Forest Cemetery

Dunkle, Deloris Marguerite
October 6, 1912 ~ May 22, 2006
Survivors:  Terry Dunkle
Interment:  North Lawn Cemetery

Dunlap, Joyce Louise (Heck)
February 22, 1935 ~ November 25, 2016
Survivors: Sonny Dunlap, Allen Dunlap,
Jackie Harper
Interment: Cremation

Dunlap, Lawrence Edward "Ed"
September 15, 1947 ~ April 16, 2017
Survivors: Marilyn Pyeatt, Lisa Sanders,
Branson Dunlap
Interment: Hanson Cemetery

Dunn, Hubert Andrew
January 13, 1922 ~ August 19, 2010
Survivors:  Steve and Erma Dunn,
LaDonna and Keith Barton
Interment:  Myers Cemetery

Dunn, Norma Forcine
October 15, 1924 ~ December 30, 2003
Survivors:  Hubert Dunn, Steve and Erma
Dunn, LaDonna and Keith Barton
Interment:  Myers Cemetery

Durham, Annette Michelle
July 20, 1979 ~ December 10, 2011
Survivors: Sierra, Austin, Shailey and
Aydon, Butch and Rita Durham
Interment: New Harmony Cemetery

Durham, Rita Rae (Smith)
October 5, 1949 ~ June 19, 2017
Survivors: Rachelle Hildebrand, Donald
Foulk, Tammy Brown, Regina Durham,
Edward Durham
Interment: Cremation

Dyer, Delbert Vernom Sr.
May 26, 1947 ~ April 14, 2017
Survivors: Aleta Dyer, Delbert Dyer Jr.,
Dennis Dyer
Interment: Maple Grove Cemetery

Dyer, Leslie George "Bud"
February 9, 1941 ~ November 14, 2015
Survivors: Penny Dyer, Neil Dyer, Brook
Dowis, Dale Dyer, Carolyn Nash, Cyndee
Taresh, Connie Taresh
Interment: Cremation