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Cabaret, James Earl "Jim"
April 14, 1952 ~ October 5, 2017
Survivors: Robin Cabaret, Bobbie
Cabaret and fiance, Shaun Ugliano,
Rylie Ugliano
Interment: Ft. Leonard Wood Veterans

Callahan, Rainey Francis
April 30, 1934 ~ August 9, 2013
Survivors; Terry Callahan, Kim Brake
Valerie VanQuathem
Interment: Poca Hollow Cemetery

Callis, Susan Grace
February 21, 1955 ~ November 24, 2010
Survivors:  Ken Callis, Ronald Stewart,
Owen Stewart
Interment:  Cremation

Camden, Carol Ruth
February 2, 1936 ~ May 28, 2008
Survivors:  Milton Camden, Dennis and
Cathy Camden, David and Nancy
Camden, Diana Reed
Interment:  Boss Cemetery

Camden, Clarence Otis
August 30, 1925 ~ January 14, 2011
Survivors:  Glena Lee, Ovie and Sherry
Camden, Connie and Jerry Hall, Mary
Cheney, Pauline Goodson, Molly and
Dennis Parker
Interment:  Camden Cemetery

Camden, Martha Ellen
April 16, 1919 ~ June 16, 2007
Survivors:  Bill and Joyce Camden, Ben
and Linda Camden, Betty and Eugene
Bernshausen, Benita nd Ron Drown
Interment:  Boss Cemetery

Camden, Mary Agnes (Hogan)
June 13, 1940 ~ November 3, 2015
Survivors: Dewayne Wheeling, Donna
Nichols, Lavonda Smith, Perry Dean
Interment: Cremation

Camden, Milton Lavern
June 6, 1933 ~ September 28, 2008
Survivors:  Dennis and Cathy Camden,
David and Nancy Camden, Diana Reed
Interment:  Boss Cemetery

Camden, Ralph Eugene
May 16, 1931 ~ August 14, 2006
Survivors:  Doillene Camden
Interment:  Cedar Grove Cemetery

Campbell, Donald Earl
April 15, 1955 ~ September 22, 2016
Survivors: Leta and J Clark, Gracia and
Rick Langston, Margie Tune
Interment: Cedar Grove Cemetery

Canaday, Shane Ray
October 20, 1964 ~ November 11, 2015
Survivors: Michael Canaday,
Eldo Canaday Sr., Eldo Canaday Jr.,
Roger Piatt, Angela Humphrey
Interment: Piatt Cemetery

Canady, Earma Velva
February 9, 1922 ~ October 11, 2009
Survivors:  John and Tammy Canady, Ed
Interment:  Cedar Grove Cemetery

Canady, Mitchell Lee
October 14, 1961 ~ January 14, 2007
Survivors:  Velva Canady
Interment:  Cedar Grove Cemetery

Cape, Janice Marie
August 19, 1941 ~ May 7, 2011
Survivors:  Larry Cape, Larry Don and
Katie Cape, David and Rae Ann Cape,
Johnny D. Cape
Interment:  Cedar Grove Cemetery

Cape. Larry L.
May 24, 1940 ~ April 8, 2012
Survivors: Larry Don Cape, David Cape
and Johnny D. Cape
Interment: Cedar Grove Cemetery

Capps, Frederick Levi "Fred"
January 28, 1938 ~ November 14, 2016
Survivors: Shericia Cook, Michelle
Reeves, Chris Capps
Interment: Oak Grove Cemetery

Capps, William Earvin
January 17, 1936 ~ June 9, 2010
Survivors:  Leota Faye Capps, Susan and
Henry Ruhr, Diane and Michael Hei, Tim
and Peggy Capps
Interment:  Stone Hill Cemetery

Caraway, Ron Nelson
November 12, 1962 ~ November 7, 2017
Survivors: Patti Caraway, Ruel and Carol
Caraway, Myrenda Caraway, Austin
Caraway, Carolyn Whitehouse
Interment: Cremation

Carmack, Mary Magdalene
March 2, 1916 ~ July 12, 2006
Survivors:  Charles and Betty Carmack,
Eddie and Carol Carmack, Patsy and
Johnny Cooper, Sandra and Dennis
Interment:  Anutt Cemetery

Carmier, Brian
January 15, 1953 ~ January 24, 2013
Survivors; Virginia Carmier, Chae
Carmier-Gant, Shana Jurek, Alicia Carmier
Interment: Cremation

Carpenter, Gabriele Gisela (Curley)
September 11, 1951 ~ December 2, 2015
Survivors: Charlie Carpenter, Wayne and
Gisela Curley, Daniel Carpenter,
Christopher Carpenter
Interment: Mt. Hermon Cemetery

Carr, Eva Darlene
January 1, 1919 ~ July 2, 2007
Survivors:  Lisa and Dean Atkinson,
Michael Carr, Mary Callahan
Interment:  Cremation

Carr, Helen Elizabeth
September 5, 1956 ~ November 3, 2003
Survivors:  James Thomas, Shannon and
Kenny Vankirk, Scott and Tina Carr,
Luther and Brandi Carr
Interment:  Cedar Grove Cemetery

Cary, John Raymond
November 20, 1939 ~ May 25, 2010
Survivors:  Roxanne Cary, John and
Donna Cary, Rick Cary
Interment:  Cremation

Case, Phillip Nathaniel
October 16, 1964 ~ May 11, 2005
Survivors:  Samantha Case, Phillip Case,
Mary Case
Interment:  Cremation

Casey, Barbara Rosella
November 1, 1937 ~ March 16, 2008
Survivors:  Judy and Dan Cartwright,
Darsi and Rodney Hammack, Babette and
Bob Wells, Suzette Stephens
Interment:  Dry Fork Cemetery

Casey, Billie "Bill" Gene
February 12, 1949 ~ October 1, 2010
Survivors:  Viola Casey, Lashawn Casey,
Tara Coleman, Rachel and Edward
Interment:  Cremation

Casey, Emma Rosella
October 29, 2003 ~ October 29, 2003
Survivors:  Eric Casey, Alisha Pollard
Interment:  Dry Fork Cemetery

Casey, Forrest Lee
August 30, 1932 ~ April 2, 2006
Survivors:  Barbara Casey, Dale
Belflower, Judy and Dan Cartwright, Darsi
and Rodney Hammack, Babette and Bob
Wells, Suzette Stephens
Interment:  Dry Fork Cemetery

Cassidy, Harry E.
April 6, 1922 ~ February 10, 2009
Survivors:  Erik and Jean Conaway
Interment:  Hutson-Walker Cemetery

Castle, Timothy Joel
November 20, 1977 ~ April 6, 2006
Survivors:  Jeanette Merrill
Interment:  Cedar Grove Cemetery

Catalanotto, John Al
July 14, 1953 ~ August 2, 2007
Survivors:  Tonya McAllister, Anthony and
Angie James, Angela Palmer, Melissa
Palmer, Margaret Palmer, Melody Woody
Interment:  Cremation

Chambers, Lavere Alta (Pryor)
October 14, 1927 ~ May 10, 2018
Survivors: Nathan Chambers, Greg
Interment: Blackwell Cemetery
Chandler, Catherine Elaine
April 4, 1948 ~ March 17, 2015
Survivors: Danny and Jennifer Chandler,
Jeff and Elizabeth Chandler, David and
Christy Chandler, Stanley and Joni Barton
Interment: Upper Indian Creek Cemetery

Chandler, Donald Lee
June 6, 1945 ~ July 15, 2010
Survivors:  Cathy Chandler, Faye
Chandler, Danny and Jennifer Chandler,
Jeffrey and Elizabeth Chandler, David
and Christy Chandler
Interment:  Upper Indian Creek Cemetery

Chandler, Howard
January 3, 1923 ~ February 5, 2008
Survivors: Faye Chandler,  Betty and
Darrell Pryor, Donald and Cathy
Chandler, Ronnie and Lynn Chandler,
Larry and Joyce Chandler, Doris and
Edward Dunlap, Kathy and Leroy
Bellinger, Garry and Sheila Chandler,
Stanley and Elaine Chandler, Terry
Chandler, Sharon and Jess Hedrick,
Timmy and Billie Chandler
Interment:  Upper Indian Creek Cemetery

Chandler, Stanley Paul
December 9, 1957 ~ November 5, 2013
Survivors: Elaine Chandler, Faye
Chandler, Matthew Chandler, Nathan
Chandler, Justin Chandler, Jessi Wiggins,
Jenni Bussen, Heath Lea, Larry Chandler,
Ronnie Chandler, Timmy Chandler, Betty
Pryor, Kathy Bellinger, Sharon Hedrick
Interment: Upper Indian Creek Cemetery

Chapman, Minnie May
November 13, 1932 ~ June 26, 2014
Survivors: Linda Rutledge, Janet Sauer,
Anthony Camden, George Sauer,
Virginia Richardson, Mallory Rutledge
Interment: Boss Cemetery

Chase, Norma Lee
December 7, 1931 ~ January 19, 2015
Survivors: Louie Asher, Vernon Asher,
Allen Asher, Karrie Oakley, Faye
Interment: Cremation, Morrison Cemetery

Chilton, Stanley Glen
June 12, 1937 ~ April 14, 2010
Survivors:  Shery Chilton, Glenna and
David Mangelsdorf, Tammy and Jeff
Sellers, Steven Chilton
Interment:  Cedar Grove Cemetery

Chrisco, Willa Bea
March 10, 1934 ~ June 3, 2010
Survivors:  Jimmy Chrisco, Susan and
David Ard
Interment:  Cremation

Cissell, Ellen Louise
June 9, 1927 ~ July 23, 2004
Survivors:  Janet and Robert Kuehner,
Beverly and Michael McNabb, Bill and
Ann Marie Cissell
Interment:  Immaculate Conception Cem.

Clark, David Lee
January 25, 1950 ~ March 22, 2016
Survivors: Donna Clark, J Clark, Chris
Clark, Brian New, Marie Allen, Kathleen
Brown, Patrick Witbrod
Interment: Cremation

Clark, Mildred "Midge"
April 18, 1932 ~ March 3, 2013
Survivors; Charles Clark, Sylvia
Schudde, Craig Wood, Zoe Clark
Jennifer Faasen, David Clark, Brent
Clark, Jill Ball
Interment: Missouri Veteran's Cemetery

Clark, Samuel Lynnie
October 19, 1938 ~ April 8, 2004
Survivors:  Donna Clark, Lynn and
Theresa Clark, Jeff Clark
Interment:  Weese Cemetery

Clark, Will J.
July 6, 1922 ~ May 8, 2008
Survivors:  Midge Clark, Charles and Ann
Clark, Sylvia Schudde, Craig and Karen
Wood, Zoe Clark Lagrece, Jennifer and
Bobby Faasen, David and Vickie Clark,
Brent and Faith Clark, Jill and Scott Ball
Interment:  Missouri Veterans Cemetery

Clay, Devon Cory Daniel
August 29, 2007 ~ September 3, 2007
Survivors:  Larry Clay, Amanda Covert
Interment:  Dry Fork Cemetery

Clayton, Aldina H.
May 4, 1914 ~ June 11, 2005
Survivors:  Rose Crown, Marguerite and
Kenneth Bragg
Interment:  Cremation

Clayton, James Gordon
February 5, 1952 ~ October 14, 2009
Survivors:  Darlene Clayton, Ina Jean
Lane, Darryl Clayton, Sherry Clayton,
Jamie Clayton, Erin Clayton
Interment:  North Lawn Cemetery

Clements, Grace Emily
October 18, 1917 ~ March 28, 2003
Survivors:  Lowell Clements, Jerry and
Donna Clements, Janet and Lotis Pryor
Interment:  Boss Cemetery

Clements, Jesse Wilburn
September 17, 1941 ~ December 4, 2011
Survivors: Jaquetta and Jeff Noakes,
Janette and Cliff Norman, Rebecca Plank
Interment: Cremation

Clements, Lowell Leslie
September 18, 1914 ~ April 8, 2003
Survivors:  Jerry and Donna Clements,
Janet and Lotis Pryor
Interment:  Boss Cemetery

Coad, Ethel Cleone
July 12, 1931 ~ January 6, 2013
Survivors; Byron Coad, R. Faye St.
Charles, Edward Z. Wood, William E.
Interment: Stone Hill Cemetery

Cobb, Meriam Annette (Kerr)
May 6, 1928 ~ September 28, 2014
Survivors: Junior Leon Kerr, Lloyd and
Mary Ann Kerr
Interment: Cedar Grove Cemetery

Coffman, Bonnie Faye
September 28, 1942 ~ July 25, 2013
Survivors: John Coffman III, Vickie
Interment: Mt. Herman Cemetery

Coffman, John W. Jr.
August 9, 1937 ~ April 23, 2013
Survivors: Bonnie Coffman, Vickie
Coffman, John Coffman III
Interment: Mt. Hermon Cemetery

Coffman, Linda Faye
January 24, 1955 ~ January 22, 2014
Survivors: Helen Gibbs, Steven Coffman,
Shawn Coffman, Raymond Gibbs,
Ronald Gibbs, Brenda Thompson
Interment: Cedar Grove Cemetery

Coffman, Teresa Marie
August 27, 1965 ~ March 13, 2011
Survivors:  John Coffman III, Pat and
Richard Wollard, John and Amie
Coffman, James and Shikra Coffman,
Jessica Tudor
Interment:  Cremation

Coleman, Judith Ann
July 20, 1944 ~ January 5, 2009
Survivors:  Mabel Stagner, Pat and Steve
Nickles, Kenneth and Martha Coleman,
Billy Coleman, Charles and Sondra
Interment:  Cremation

Coleman, Ollie Gene
May 21, 1927 ~ December 25, 2014
Survivors: Rose Marie Coleman, Janet
Dalrymple, Joyce Todd, Allen Coleman
Interment: Gregory Cemetery

Combs, Charlene (Jarvis)
May 21, 1949 ~ January 20, 2016
Survivors: Russell Combs, Krystal Kellett
Combs, Brett Combs
Interment: Miner Cemetery

Comely, Margaret Ellen
November 11, 1915 ~ May 12, 2005
Survivors:  Carolyn Brown, Etta and
Clinton Ard, Donald Comely
Interment:  New Eminence Cemetery

Compton, Carl Gordon
April 21, 1920 ~ March 18, 2005
Survivors:  Carla Sue Compton
Interment:  Cremation

Compton, Carla Sue
February 8, 1973 ~ April 18, 2006
Survivors:  Helen Murray
Interment:  New Harmony Cemetery

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