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Babb, Brunhilde Barbara
March 30, 1934 ~ July 16, 2016
Survivors: Linda Webster, Stanley Babb,
Wilma Shoemaker, James Babb, Richard
Babb, Glen Babb, Jesse Babb, Robert
Interment: New Hope Cemetery

Bacon, James Lloyd (Buddy)
December 7, 1940 ~ October 3, 2009
Survivors:  Mary Bacon, Ronald and
Patricia Bacon, Katrina and Stanley
Anderson, Carla and Greg Parker
Interment:  Cremation

Baird, Patricia Sue
December 3, 1956 ~ November 14, 2014
Survivors: Terry Baird, Carol Midyett,
Jeremy Lee, Jessica Alley
Interment: Cremation

Baker, Joseph William
October 31, 1921 ~ November 21, 2010
Survivors:  Ralph and Judy Baker,
Patricia Ann Denton
Interment:  Dry Fork Cemetery

Baker, Ardean S.
December 22, 1922 ~ June 5, 2007
Survivors:  Joe Baker, Ralphadean
Interment:  Dry Fork Cemetery

Ball, Bernice Beulah
April 17, 1925 ~ February 25, 2012
Survivors: Dennis and Lois Ball, Sandy
and Linda Ball, Kevin and Tracey Ball,
Nancy and Carl Cummings
Interment: Oakside Cemetery

Ball, Lindul Gene (L.G.)
July 9, 1931 ~ March 11, 2010
Survivors:  Kathy Ball, James and Ann
Ball, Thelma and Terry Livesay, Clinton
and Brenda Ball, George and Mistie Ball,
Jarred and Crystal Strange, Tracy
Strange, Sarah and Scott Montoya, Justin
Burns, Jocelyn Strange
Interment:  Ball Farm Cemetery

Ball, Sanborn N. Jr.
February 19, 1921 ~ December 31, 2003
Survivors:  Suzanne Ball, Sanborn N. and
Geriann Ball, Sam and Kathy Ball,
Susanne and Dennis Berry, Scott and Jill
Interment:  Cedar Grove Cemetery

Ball, Shane Michael
July 2, 1975 ~ September 9, 2005
Survivors:  Tina Ball, Jacob Ball, Samuel
Ball, Jaden Ball, Dennis and Lois Ball
Interment:  Cedar Grove Cemetery

Ball, Suzanne Coffman
March 4, 1925 ~ April 5, 2006
Survivors:  Sanborn N. and Geriann Ball,
Sam and Kathy Ball, Susanne and Dennis
Berry, Scott and Jill Ball
Interment:  Cedar Grove Cemetery

Barnes, Goldia Lucille
September 11, 1907 ~ March 11, 2011
Survivors:  Waunnie Lee Happel, Eugene
Interment:  North Lawn Cemetery

Barnes, Hazel Marie
June 19, 1933 ~ April 1, 2006
Survivors:  Rex Jason Barnes, Phyllis and
Jeffrey McDaniel
Interment:  Cremation

Barred, James William
June 14, 1925 ~ October 19, 2007
Survivors:  Gladys and Elijah Reeves,
Brenda and Robert Paine, James and
Sue Barred, William and Karen Barred,
Richard and Vickie Barred
Interment:  Jadwin Cemetery

Barton, Barry Keith
February 5, 1970 ~ June 15, 2006
Survivors:  Sonia Barton, Keith and
Ladonna Barton
Interment:  Myers Cemetery

Barton, Girtie
May 20, 1920 ~ February 9, 2005
Survivors:  Barbara and Jim Johnson, Bill
and Geraldine Black
Interment:  Myers Cemetery

Barton, Lawrence Lee
May 19, 1942 ~ January 30, 2011
Survivors:  Marie Barton, Charles Barton
Interment:  Barton Cemetery

Barton, Leonard Earl Jr.
June 23, 1948 ~ April 7, 2015
Survivors: Carl Barton, Dennis Barton,
Robert Barton, David Barton, Diane
Austin, Linda Elliott
Interment: Jadwin Cemetery

Bashline, Raymond Arthur
October 3, 1939 ~ April 9, 2017
Survivors: Sharron Bashline, Kevin
Bashline, Robin Lenz, Dennis Bashline,
RayEllen McDonough
Interment: Cremation

Bass, Tommie Glenn
March 30, 1935 ~ March 10, 2017
Survivors: Shirley Bass, Tom Bass, Lisa
Interment: Cedar Grove Cemetery

Bates, Lois Marie (Cox)
September 30, 1935 ~ December 3, 2015
Survivors: Pam Light, Daniel Bates,
Angela Bates, Jeffrey Bates, Edward
Interment: Cedar Grove Cemetery

Bates, Stephen L.
August 13, 1951 ~ October 30, 2010
Survivors:  Linda Bates, Christina Kelley
Interment:  Cremation

Baum, Lloyd Dale
June 9, 1949 ~ October 6, 2004
Survivors:  Ellen Baum, Amanda and Matt
Taylor, Danny and Brandy Baum
Interment:  Corinth Cemetery

Baum, Ronald Lee
June 5, 1963 ~ October 19, 2011
Survivors:  Lisa Baum, Ron and June
Baum, Lindsey Baum, Ronald Baum, II,
Shelby and Jeremiah Alexander
Interment:  Cremation

Bays, Glen Lavern
November 22, 1938 ~ April 14, 2009
Survivors:  Joyce Bays, Dennis and
Cheryl Bays, Debra and David Cole
Interment:  Upper Indian Creek Cemetery

Bays, Homer Leo
June 4, 1946 ~ August 18, 2017
Survivors: Audrey Bays, Leon Bays,
Leroy Bayes, Crystal Myers, Sheila Piety
Interment: Cremation

Beach, Galen Rex
March 29, 1949 ~ October 4, 2016
Survivors: Betty Thomason, Patrick
Beach, Steven Beach, Debra Beach
Interment: Mt. Hermon Cemetery

Beck, Brian Keith
January 30, 1967 ~ April 7, 2016
Survivors: Sam Beck, Brian Samuel Beck,
Casey Owen Beck, Elizabeth Ann Beck,
Amanda Sallee Beck
Interment: Cremation

Beckett, Richard "Scott"
August 31, 1988 ~ June 7, 2005
Survivors:  Richard and Judy Beckett
Interment:  New Harmony Cemetery

Beckett, Viola Mae
August 26, 1923 ~ January 3, 2007
Survivors:  Richard and Judy Beckett
Interment:  Woodlawn Cemetery

Bedford, Tammy Lynn
November 12, 1980 ~ September 2, 2011
Survivors:  Samuel Bedford, Zachary
Bedford, Courtney Bedford, Jennifer
Interment:  Sam Crocker Cemetery

Bedwell, Sylvia Cleone
July 24, 1925 ~ Febraury 9, 2012
Suvivors: Cathy Blankenship
Interment: Cedar  Grove Cemetery

Belflower, Dale Elna
July 10, 1911 ~ October 14, 2010
Survivors:  Loreita Fulton
Interment:  Dry Fork Cemetery
Bell, Brenda Jo
May 16, 1950 ~ June 2, 2013
Survivors: Martin Bell, Angie Bowers,
Annie Bell
Interment: Round Pond Cemetery

Bell, John Lee
November 3, 1937 ~ March 2, 2017
Survivors: Sharon Bell, Lynnette and Jeff,
Colette, Kendra and Caie, Catherine and
Interment: Czar Cemetery

Bell, M. Nadine (Chrisco)
October 13, 1931 ~ August 13, 2016
Survivors: Mike Bell, Ruth Wright, Gladys
Interment: Gladden Empire Cemetery

Bell, Paul Lavern
March 11, 1916 ~ August 14, 2009
Survivors:  Carol Bell
Interment:  Dry Fork Cemetery

Bell, Ruth Jadwin
November 24, 1929 ~ February 13, 2010
Survivors:  James H. Bell, Lynn and
Alfredo Cantu, Sandra and Bill Bowers,
Ken and Sonya Bell, Lonnie Bell
Interment:  Cedar Grove Cemetery

Bement, James
April 10, 1931 ~ June 4, 2004
Survivors:  Mary Kresyman
Interment:  Cremation

Bennett, Hazel Irene
January 3, 1909 ~ June 22, 2005
Survivors:  Myron and Marcelle Bennett,
Charlotte and Billy Chitwood
Interment:  Cedar Grove Cemetery

Bennett, Ross Waldo
April 13, 1907 ~ March 7, 2005
Survivors:  Hazel Bennett, Myron and
Marcelle Bennett, Charlotte and Billy
Interment:  Cedar Grove Cemetery

Berry, Bradley Jay
June 29, 1961 ~ September 9, 2009
Survivors:  Tracy Berry, Otis and Bonnie
Berry, Angela Travis, Michelle and Jose
Azzera, Amber Berry
Interment:  Berry Cemetery

Berry, Edward Leroy
Nov. 23, 1927 ~ Sept. 21, 2005
Survivors:  Vicky and Sim Mauzey, Cheryl
and Scott Bowen, Eddie and Theresa
Interment;  Berry Cemetery

Berry, Jeffery Wayne
January 4, 1953 ~ July 20, 2008
Survivors:  Paulette Berry, Jennifer
Miranda, Robert and Tona Stulce, Denise
and Jason Henson, Raymond and
Deborah Stulce, Paul Stulce
Interment:  Palmer Cemetery

Berry, Myrtle Ada
January 23, 1919 ~ January 10, 2008
Survivors:  Boyd and Irmalee Berry,
Coreen and Howard Williamson, Shirley
and Darrell Davis
Interment:  Green Forest Cemetery

Berry, Neva Bernice
May 6, 1930 ~ January 24, 2010
Survivors:  William "Paul" Berry
Interment:  Barton Cemetery

Berry, Otis Ray
January 26, 1939 ~ December 22, 2009
Survivors:  Bonnie Berry, Steve Berry,
Terry Berry, Tammy and Kent Inman
Interment:  Berry Cemetery

Berry, Violet Irmalee
December 3, 1943 ~ May 16, 2010
Survivors:  Boyd Berry, Geraldine Hill,
Theresa and Randy Adey, Tena and
Ronny Lewis, Tammie and Jeff Medley,
Amy and Brian Glenn, Matthew and
Michelle Berry
Interment:  Green Forest Cemetery

Berry, William "Paul"
April 6, 1927 ~ January 26, 2017
Survivors: Trina and Rodney Vannoy,
Kim and Michael Bishop
Interment: Barton Cemetery

Bettigrew, Edward Eugene
May 6, 1955 ~ August 26, 2015
Survivors: Irene Curtis, Jerry Todd
Bettigrew, Bill Bettigrew, Sue Maxwell,
Vinnie Curtis, Kerri Skinner, Holly Maxwell
Interment: Cedar Grove Cemetery

Bierbower, William Edward
November 4, 1932 ~ August 28, 2007
Survivors:  Carole Bierbower, Diane and
Brian Hartenstine, Scott and Carolyn
Interment:  Cedar Grove Cemetery

Biggs, Jackie Julian
October 10, 1929 ~ December 7, 2006
Survivors:  Pat and Gary Medlock, Betty
and Wes Byrne
Interment:  Cedar Grove Cemetery

Bingham, Reba Lorene
December 12, 1927 ~ March 29, 2012
Survivors: David Bingham
Interment: Anutt Cemetery

Bingham, Wilma Louama (Welch)
December 15, 1921 ~ June 26, 2016
Survivors: Jo Ann and Bob Anderson,
Irene Warner
Interment: Cedar Grove Cemetery

Black, Jeremy Michael
February 19, 1989 ~ December 25, 2007
Survivors:  Sheryl Claus, Joseph Black
Interment:  Boss Cemetery

Blackman, Sherwood Wesley
May 20, 1950 ~ January 31, 2004
Survivors:  Michelle and Anthony
Interment:  Milanville, Pennsylvania

Blackwell, Charles Duane
April 24, 1939 ~ January 2, 2010
Survivors:  Gail Blackwell, Duane and
Lisa Blackwell, Paula Blackwell, Robert
Interment:  Rector Cemetery

Blackwell, Lloyd Jasper
August 27, 1919 ~ March 11, 2010
Survivors:  Jacqueline and Gary
NuDelman, Debbie and Jim Rooney, Ellie
and Lloyd Little, Lloyd Edward and JoAnn
Interment:  Blackwell Cemetery

Blackwell, Ruth Maxine
February 28, 1924 ~ February 15, 2010
Survivors:  Lloyd Blackwell, Jacqueline
and Gary NuDelman, Debbie and Jim
Rooney, Ellie and Lloyd Little, Lloyd
Edward and JoAnn Blackwell
Interment:  Blackwell Cemetery

Blackwell, Paula Marie
January 3, 1959 ~ June 3, 2011
Survivors:  Gail Blackwell
Interment:  Rector Cemetery

Blair, Milford Wayne
June 7, 1952 ~ October 6, 2017
Survivors: Treva Blair, Janelle Blair,
Louise and Toby Decker
Interment: Green Forest Cemetery

Blue, Cynthia
February 4, 1963 ~ December 8, 2004
Survivors:  Verla Blue, Jeff Sidwell,
Angela Sidwell
Interment:  Carty Cemetery

Blue, Leroy
February 11, 1933 ~ August 6, 2003
Survivors:  Randall and Donna Blue,
Gregory and Sandy Blue, Daryl and Mary
Blue, Bobby and Kathy Blue, Vicki Blue,
Dennis and Diane blue, Ricky Blue, Tracy
and Bill Shepherd, Cindy Sidwell, David
Blue, Valerie Blue
Interment:  Cedar Grove Cemetery

Bobker, Gary B.
October 17, 1947 ~ March 1, 2009
Survivors:  Jackie Bobker
Interment:  Eternity Light Memorial Garden

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