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Abbott, John Loril
August 2, 1935 ~ November 3, 2016
Survivors: Julia Abbott
Interment: Cremation

Abney, Alfred Lloyd Sr.
May 26, 1928 ~ April 3, 2018
Survivors: Carol Moeckel, Alfred Abney Jr.
Interment: Czar Cemetery

Abney, Harvey "Dick" Leonard
November 11, 1934 ~ January 12, 2008
Survivors:  Verla Abney, Rick Abney,
Danny and Debbie Abney, Lanny and
Jamie Abney, Vickie and Mark Mungle
Interment:  Boss Cemetery

Adams, Betty Mae
September 1, 1935 ~ August 28, 2014
Survivors: Junior Adams, Chip and Missi
Adams, Sally and Shea Wood
Interment: Cedar Grove Cemetery

Adams, Joe Eldon
May 14, 1950 ~ April 11, 2009
Survivors:  Myrtle Adams
Interment:  Cremation

Agers, Kenzlea Marie Jessicuh
November 8, 2014 ~ April 30, 2015
Survivors: Jessalea Agers, Darin and
Tina Cook, Mike Agers, Bernard and
Georgia Littrell
Interment: Cedar Grove Cemetery

Akers, Perry Dale
ctober 29, 1945 ~ October 26, 2003
Survivors:  Judy Akers, Brandy Radford
Interment:  Washington University

Akins, Adam Shawn
October 24, 1979 ~ December 17, 2013
Survivors: Stephanie Akins, William,
Lucas and Shawn Akins, Michael and
Kathy Akins
Interment: Round Pond Cemetery

Albert, Melvin D. Jr.
August 1, 1940 ~ March 1, 2005
Survivors:  Dawn and Johnnie Barton,
Tracey and Ronnie Albert
Interment:  Barton Cemetery

Albert, Winton Aurthur "Butch"
July 21, 1935 ~ April 21, 2016
Survivors: Edna Albert, Louis Albert,
Laura Ruth Albert
Interment: Shepherd Hills Cemetery
Barnhart, Missouri

Aldridge, Edward
November 18, 1923 ~ June 29, 2004
Survivors:  Pauline Aldridge, Janet and
Robert Ellington, Joe and Linda Aldridge
Interment:  Cedar Grove Cemetery

Aldridge, Leda Pauline
June 14, 1921 ~ May 27, 2011
Survivors:  Janet and Robert Ellington,
Joe and Linda Aldridge
Interment:  Cedar Grove Cemetery

Allen, Donna Faye
July 3, 1938 ~ January 8, 2009
Survivors:  Ralph Allen, Osa Allen, Pam
and Jack Emory, Ralph and Diane Allen,
Terri and David Bower, Ronnie Allen,
Donnie and Marilyn Allen, Marcia and
Carl Sturdivant, Donn and Terry Rhea,
James Allen
Interment:  New Harmony Cemetery

Allman, Michael Warren
July 20, 1949 ~ July 16, 2008
Survivors:  Renee Allman
Interment:  Green Forest Cemetery

Allmeroth, Florence Katherine
April 26, 1928 ~ October 10, 2008
Survivors:  Jackie and Gary Sczepanski,
Connie and Larry Becker, Bob and Sandy
Allmeroth, Gene Bischoff, Katherine and
Glenn Tolias, James Allmeroth
Interment:  St. Louis Universi

Allmon, Nancy Jean
March 13, 1950 ~ December 17, 2009
Survivors:  Jackie Allmon
Interment:  Pinelawn Cemetery

Allsman, Virginia Lee
July 24, 1924 ~ June 10, 2003
Survivors:  Carl Allsman, Pamela and
Robert Cole, Sherris Molloy
Interment:  Ozark Memorial Gardens

Alterauge, Amanda Lynn
December 24, 1981 ~ October 2, 2003
Survivors:  Jody and Darwin Hayes,
Thomas Alterauge, Josephine Alterauge
Interment:  Green Forest Cemetery

Anderson, Joan Myree
April 28, 1951 ~ March 14, 2013
Survivors: Billy Anderson, Deborah
Hogan, and Dyann Carega
Interment: Cedar Grove Cemetery

Anderson, Linda Lou (Haney)
May 28, 1959 ~ January 12, 2016
Survivors: Dawn Carrier, Samantha West,
Randy Wagner Jr., Kristie Hyman, Rusty
Wagner, Patricia Rice, Jennifer Duvall
Interment: Cremation

Anderson, Loraine (Plank)
May 16, 1932 ~ October 11, 2016
Survivors: Carol Sue Conaway, Carl
Plank, James and Wilma Plank
Interment: Cedar Grove Cemetery

Anderson, Starr Gayle (Light)
September 23, 1941~November 26, 2016
Survivors: Gayle Anderson, Michael Light,
Lonzo Light, Dee Bolerjack, Dae Hill
Interment: Cremation

Ard, Dorothy Dormilee
September 5, 1921 ~ January 14, 2009
Survivors:  Delbert and Irene Ard, Ronald
and Pat Ard, Jerry and Nancy Ard,
Chester and Victoria Ard, Kathy Caltry
Interment:  Cedar Grove Cemetery

Ard, Herman Monroe
June 18, 1940 ~ November 7, 2008
Survivors:  Kenneth and Kathie Ard,
Junior an Sarah Ard, Delores and Tony
Stoverink, Delma Barnes, Violet Holland,
Patrice Petty, Sandy Ard
Interment:  Empire Cemetery

Ard, Opal Irene
December 8, 1916 ~ October 5, 2006
Survivors:  Kenneth and Kathie Ard,
Junior an Sarah Ard, Herman Ard,
Delores and Tony Stoverink, Delma
Barnes, Violet Holland, Patrice Petty,
Sandy Ard
Interment:  Empire Cemetery

Arisman, Glen Eugene
November 26, 1928 ~ March 11, 2016
Survivors: Roy Dean and Virginia Parker
Gary Parker and fiance, June
Interment: Boss Cemetery

Ard, Rex J.
September 24, 1913 ~ March 8, 2005
Survivors:  William and Glenna Ard, Linda
and Chris Hodges, David and Susan Ard,
Bobby and Jackie Ard, Tommy and Cindy
Ard, Barry and Barb Ard, Shelly and John
Walles, Sherry Acker
Interment:  Empire Cemetery
Armistead, William "Bud" Orville
June 13, 1929 ~ June 29, 2008
Survivors:  Winifred Armistead, Todd and
Julie Armistead, Kathy Weathers
Interment:  Jefferson Barracks Cemetery

Armon, Donald Theodore Sr.
May 3, 1934 ~ December 28, 2016
Survivors: Shelley and Steven Reichling,
Don II and Jeanette Armon
Interment: Cremation

Arnett, Barbara L.
September 29, 1939 ~ July 20, 2013
Survivors: Belinda and Cliff Akers, Danny
and Tammy Arnett, Max Arnett
Interment: North Lawn Cemetery

Arthur, Dewayne Carl
May 4, 1939 ~ December 17, 2010
Survivors:  Delvena Barton, Trina and
James Lindsey, Alice Reynolds, Dewayne
and Angela Arthur
Interment:  Cremation

Arzt, Frank Houston
July 7, 1944 ~ August 8, 2017
Survivors: Sandi Arzt, Frank "Skip" Arzt,
Dusty Arzt, Ronald Arzt
Interment: Cremation

Asbridge, Archie Myrl
August 31, 1931 ~ April 9, 2012
Survivors: Mary Johnson and David
Interment: Jefferson Barracks Cemetery

Asbridge, James "Jackie" Jackson
December 14, 1929 ~ November 25, 2007
Survivors:  Dennis and Cheryl Asbridge,
Suzette Asbridge, Douglas and Donna
Interment:  Green Forest Cemetery

Asbridge, Margaret Sue "Maggie"
October 15, 1963 ~ August 10, 2014
Survivors: David Asbridge, Paul Tredway,
Retha Tunis, Penny Gordon, James Brown
Interment: Green Forest Cemetery

Ashburn, Linda Lee (Herndon)
January 4, 1962 ~ May 31, 2017
Survivors: Gene Ashburn, Larry and Pat
Herndon, Stephanie Shaw, Julie
Anderson, Karen Stienbarger, Anna
Interment: Cedar Grove Cemetery

Ashelman, Vera Lorraine
August 20, 1924 ~ April 18, 2005
Survivors:  Ardyth and Tom Fritts, Ardelle
Ashelman, Ardean Ashelman, Emily
Interment:  Carty Cemetery

Asher, Brenda Louise (Edgar)
November 2, 2016 ~ May 17, 2016
Survivors: Emmett Asher, Randy Asher,
Nathan Asher
Interment: Crocker-Stricklin Cemetery

Asher, Elsie Mae (Camden)
May 3, 1931 ~ January 9, 2016
Survivors: Chuck Asher, Donna Asher,
Marianne Chapman, David Asher, Genny
Asher, Cindy Asher, Lonzo Camden
Interment: Boss Cemetery

Asher, Eva Maxine (Crocker)
October 22, 1922 ~ September 29, 2016
Survivors: Reldon and Rozella Crocker
Interment: Boss Cemetery

Asher, Herman Preston
July 16, 1935 ~ October 22, 2015
Survivors: Jeff and Angie Asher, Kathy
Interment: Crocker-Stricklin Cemetery

Asher, Jim
July 8, 1944 ~ September 9, 2012
Survivors: Marie Asher, Kelley Asher, Lisa
Hedrick, Bradley Asher
Interment: Boss Cemetery

Asher, Linda Lou (Nelson)
November 20, 1941  April 1, 2016
Survivors: Montie Asher, Charles Nelson,
Alma Gantney
Interment: Trolinger Cemetery

Asher, Mabel
May 3, 1928 ~ October 18, 2015
Survivors: Jackson Asher, Herman Asher,
Montie Asher, Emmett Asher, Vernon
Asher, Vernie Asher, Goldie Keister,
Helen Walz
Interment: Crocker-Stricklin Cemetery

Asher, Montie Ray
April 6, 1938 ~ March 5, 2017
Survivors: Jackson Asher, Emmett Asher,
Vernon Asher, Vernie Asher, Goldie
Keister, Helen Walz
Interment: Trolinger Cemetery

Asher, Vernie
April 7, 1930 ~ June 1, 2018
Survivors: Jackson Asher, Emmett Asher,
Vernon Asher, Goldie Keister, Helen Walz
Interment: Crocker-Stricklin

Askey, Bessie May
June 29, 1908 ~ May 15, 2007
Survivors:  Phil Askey, Richard and
Elizabeth Askey, Ruth Gilmore, Carol and
Willard Wisler, Philip and Eileen Askey
Interment:  Washington University

Askey, Philip "Phil" Edwin
April 5, 1904 ~ July 1, 2007
Survivors:  Richard and Elizabeth Askey,
Ruth Gilmore, Carol and Willard Wisler,
Philip and Eileen Askey
Interment:  Washington University

Atchison, Howard Clinton
June 13, 1917 ~ December 10, 2005
Survivors:  Matthew DeCelis
Interment:  Piatt Cemetery

Atkinson, Amanda Lynn "Mandie"
October 13, 1983 ~ June 1, 2016
Survivors: Aneta Atkinson, Kyleigh
Atkinson, Kassidy Atkinson, Braden
Atkinson, Matthew Atkinson, Billy Jack
Atkinson, Doris Atkinson
Interment: New Harmony Cemetery

Atkinson, Derrick Keith
November 22, 1984 ~ December 21, 2006
Survivors:  Tammy and Jason Albrecht,
Kevin and Bobbie Webber, Megan Newton
Interment:  New Harmony Cemetery

Atkinson, Kevin Scott
January 23, 1964 ~ April 20, 2012
Survivors: Aneta Atkinson, Doris
Atkinson, Amanda Atkinson, Matthew
Atkinson, and Billy Jack Atkinson
Interment: New Harmony Cemetery

Atkinson, Ronald Keith
June 25, 1936 ~ October 27, 2004
Survivors:  Doris Atkinson, Rodney and
Cindy Atkinson, Steve and Susie
Atkinson, Mike Atkinson, Scott and Aneta
Atkinson, Tammy and Jason Albrecht
Interment:  New Harmony Cemetery